An unparalleled 10X Challenge with investments and economic development strategy across 40 industry sectors

@ theWorldesk JV Partners Limited is an "Accredited Investor" with "A Bold Initiative" to unlock hidden value, fund "Private-Sector-Led Initiatives" enable achievement of human potential through big-data computational social science and the injection of revenue primarily into the Bahamas and Caribbean-Centric markets. Via a coopetition strategy theWorld™ Group of Companies and its global alliance of subsidiaries in 18 economies collectively ("theWorld™ Group-JV Partners conglomerate") are setting expectations on emerging as a new leader in the communities we serve.

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<b>INVESTING IN WHO WE ARE:</b><div>An unparalleled 10X Challenge with investments and economic development strategy across 40 industry sectors<br></div>

theWorld™ Group of Companies in association with JV Partners Limited has accepted the 10X Challenge

The 10X Challenge requires: 1) "theWorld™ Group-JV Partners conglomerat to set targets which are 10X greater than what we believe we can achieve and 2) we will take action which is 10X greater than what we believe is necessary to achieve our goal(s).


Our People

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Let's Meet Rev. Dr. Erskine R. Curry Esquire (A VISIONAIRE WITH A BOLD INITIATIVE)

Meet The Board of Directors

  • Rev. Dr. Erskine R. Curry - PhD/ThD, D.Prof

    Rev. Dr. Erskine R. Curry - PhD/ThD, D.Prof

    Chairman/CEO & Executive Producer

    The lead person at the helm of theWorld™ Group is Rev. Dr. Erskine R. Curry – His area of expertise includes organizational leadership, financial literacy and entrepreneurship with decades of distinguished achievements in media, telecom, web and wireless. theWorld™ Group is a SMP (Significant Market Power) - driven by “A BOLD INITIATIVE”, big data-centric computational social science and a lucrative intellectual properties rights portfolio. 
    Dr. Michelle L. Wildgoose - BA Ed., MBA, Ed.D

    Dr. Michelle L. Wildgoose - BA Ed., MBA, Ed.D

    Private-Sector Secretariat

    Dr. Michelle L. Wildgoose – BA Ed., MBA, Ed.D serves in a leadership position with theWorld™ Group in her capacity as Private-Sector Secretariat with oversight for SHRM-CP/SCP, ADP, LBMC, Global Expansion EOR (Employee-of-Record) solutions. Dr. Wildgoose is a compassionate expert in the academic community with advocacy, programs and initiatives for national building and organizational leadership.
    Mr. Creswell Stuart

    Mr. Creswell Stuart

    Director & Chief Architect (Project Management)

    Mr. Creswell Stuart is a veteran city master planner with 46+ years of experience in residential, commercial and industrial development. Having served the government in his capacity as Acting Director of Town Planning Mr. Stuart will now bring his experience to theWorld™ Group with a masterplan for the acquired real estate in the Bahamas. He serves as Director, & Chief Architect for theWorld™ Group.
  • Mr. Ralph Wells

    Mr. Ralph Wells

    CFO/Fiduciary Agent

    A trusted businessman, an associate, a confidant, and the “numbers guy” Mr. Ralph Wells has been-there, done-that for more than 32 years working alongside Dr. Curry. – Wells is a Strategic Partner and serves as a Director & CFO of theWorld™ Group of Companies Limited. Mr. Wells is responsible for oversight of the “Consolidated Fund”. Mr. Wells is the quintessential “go-to-guy” for matters related to theWorld™ Group’s enterprise-wide and he provides corporate-level supervision of an 80+ member CPA-NOW accounts team. In his capasity as a "fiduciary agent" directs all outsourced paymasters, and designated signatories activity below-the-line and above-the-line.
    Sam Ahab™

    Sam Ahab™

    An Honorary Trust (Trusteeship)

    Sam Ahab™ is the superficial anadrome, image and likeness of theWorld™ Foundation representing THE FAMILY OFFICE and the rich ancestral ancient wealth of the "Bahamas".  This TRUSTEESHIP serves as the humanitarian arm of theWorld™ Group of Companies Limited -and is funded through generous donations and a 2% stakeholding in the gross income of theWorld™ Group's Earnings Before Interest Taxes and Amortization.

"A Challenger Brand" | "The Disruptive Technology Expert" | "Transformational Change Management"

theWorld™ Group is a leading accredited investor & consulting firm with an expansive F+EPC strategy

We prioritize our brand success story by delivering tailored solutions and exceptional service, accepting the 10X challenge and ensuring theWorld™ Group thrives.
  • Dedicated team committed to our business success.
  • Customized solutions to address our unique business needs.
  • Proven track record of delivering tangible results for our "clients", "customers", and "subscribers"
  • Expertise in strategic planning for sustainable development goals and exponential business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your hours of operation?

24/7/365 @ theWorldesk


What method of payments do you accept?

We accept Credit Card, Debit Card, Mobile Money, Cryptocurrency, Bank Wire Transfer, Cashier's Check, 


What guarantees do you offer on the services provided?

We offer moneyback with satisfaction guarantee on all of our products, services and solutions.


What the Nassau Tribune Once Said About Dr. Curry (What They Say?)

The Nassau Tribune says; Erskine Curry is - "A SELF-PROCLAIMED “telecommunications liberator” and Bahamian businessman living in New York with a company boasting 100 employees and offices in the United States and the Bahamas". 

  • Slanderous Link: 


We Support The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact Initiative

theWorld™ Group Finance & Investment Corporate Strategy is align  – and supports to the fullest extent possible – with the United Nations SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) policies and strategies, and set targets, track and report on the amount and proportion of such global SDG investments.

  • Positive Link:

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I was thrilled by the strategic insight and expert guidance theWorld™ Group exhibited! theWorld™ Group is a company committed to revolutionized the business world by: enhancing efficiency and profitability. They're a true game changing challenger brand, disruptive technologist and a must-have strategy partners.

May 02, 2024

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